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  November 11, 2014 Used Floatation Tanks

Brand: Samadhi

Age: 2013

Price: GBP £10,000 or near offer

Boxed: boxed though still in use

Extras: ozonator and stereo speaker kit

Condition: excellent

Comments: price includes two full fills of epsom salts

Firstname: rog

Lastname: coulson

Email: rogcoulson@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 1309671011

Street: 78 drumduan park

City: forres

State: moray

Postcode: iv36 1fq

Country: UK


Brand: Oasis

Age: 20 years

Price: $2,500

Boxed: Crated

Condition: Good

Comments: Looking to upgrade to a newer system

Firstname: Albana

Lastname: Kuqo

Org: Bana spa

Email: Banassalon@gmail.com

Telephone: 7733707702

Street: 5627 N.Central ave

City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Postcode: 60646

Country: USA


Brand: Samadhi

Age: 3 years

Price: $6,000

Boxed: No

Condition: Excellent. Only 2 users over 3 years.

Comments: This is a very well-loved tank. We're moving to a smaller place that won't accommodate it but we'd love to pass it on to another owner who will enjoy its many benefits.

Firstname: Ryan

Lastname: McElroy

Org: Ryan W McElroy

Email: ryanmcelroy@gmail.com

Telephone: 5125867043

Street: 1211 Choquette Drive

City: Austin

State: Texas

Postcode: 78757

Country: US


Brand: I-sopod

Age: 2014

Price: $35,000 per unit

Boxed: Crated

Condition: New

Firstname: Kevin

Lastname: Leung

Email: kevin@thinktank-oceanside.com

Telephone: 206 395 8812

City: Lynnwood

State: WA

Postcode: 98087

Country: USA


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