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Brand: Float to Relax
Age: 1991-1992
Price: TBD
Boxed: Not boxed or crated
Extras: This tank was previously owned by John Denver a close friend of John Lilly.
Condition: Good
Comments: This tank has been stored in an enclosed room for the last 3 decades and needs a special home who will appreciate its historical value and experiential properties. This tank was a gift from John Lilly to John Denver. He also gave John Denver a Samadhi Tank which is not for sale.
Firstname: Nathalie
Lastname: Greene
Email: sirenanathalie@gmail.com
Telephone: 347 735 9901
City: Denver
State: CO
Country: USA


Brand: Samadhi
Age: 25 yrs
Price: $3000
Boxed: no
Extras: Comes with 2 heating pads, the filter, the pump and the liner.
Condition: It's a pretty old tank, and has a few cracks or broken pieces of the outer shell, but nothing that should affect the functionality. I bought this used.
Comments: For local pickup only. Can provide pictures of the disassembled unit upon request.
Firstname: Ben
Lastname: Gruver
Email: JesusFreke@JesusFreke.com
Telephone: 4086343141
City: Mountain View
State: California
Postcode: 94043
Country: USA


Brand: Floatarium
Age: 15 years
Price: 7,000
Boxed: pick up preferred. shipping will be expensive!
Extras: The Floatarium is known as the Rolls Royce of tanks. It is spacious enough for two to float together, maintenance is minimal.
Condition: Though the tank is used,and currently disassembled, everything works well. There is a manual.
Comments: Strong and elegant fiberglass construction
Thermostat controlled heating element in floor
Air-circulation system
Deluxe Filtration system with magnetic drive pump, advanced UV Filtration, timer, Top-quality audio speakers
Floater Controls buttons inside tank for air, sound, underwater light, intercom, etc...
Video-ready roof (if you're inclined; floating provides an optimal learning environment)
Non-skid floor finish. Seat, foot rest, shelf inside. 8 ventilation ports
Sophisticated door mechanism. (easy open and seal)
8 feet long. At the widest: 56 inches wide. Tall: it splits into 2 pieces that are 30 and 22 inches tall.
Firstname: Douglas
Lastname: MacKenzie
Org: BrilliantBodyâ„¢
Email: doug@brilliantbody.net
City: Williamsburg
State: Massachusetts
Postcode: 01096
Country: USA


Brand: Samadhi
Age: 8yrs
Price: $8500
Boxed: Boxed
Extras: Interior light, ozonator and filter pump purification, digital temp control, floater comfort control, centering system, 2-way intercom, speakers, drip tray, pump enclosed
Condition: Good, used little
Firstname: Darin
Lastname: Morelli
Email: Dmorelli_76@yahoo.com
Telephone: 952-221-1153
Street: 14346 Vernon ave .
City: Savage
State: Mn
Postcode: 55378
Country: USA


Brand: Oasis
Age: 2011
Price: $6000
Boxed: no
Extras: chemicals, skimmers
Condition: good
Firstname: Monica
Lastname: Murray
Org: Monica Murray
Email: momur85@hotmail.com
Telephone: 5178195251
Street: 775 Millerburg Rd.
City: Charlotte
State: Michigan
Postcode: 48813
Country: USA


Brand: Samadhi
Age: 2009
Price: $5000
Boxed: no pick up only
Condition: good
Comments: No heaters. Would have to purchase from Samadhi
Lastname: Murray
Org: Monica Murray
Email: momur85@hotmail.com
Telephone: 5178195251
Street: 775 Millerburg Rd.
City: Charlotte
State: Michigan
Postcode: 48813
Country: USA


Brand: Oasis
Age: 2 year
Price: $7000
Boxed: no
Extras: uv sanitization system, sound system, rolling cart that tank sits on(800 dollars to build)
Condition: Used less than 30 times, ready to pick up....you need to drain and ship or move....
Comments: price is very very good price....new is close to $10,000 for everything here....please email for best response.
Firstname: douglas
Lastname: deBecker
Org: abydoa float center
Email: g@goldenworks.us
Telephone: 530 615 0601
Street: winding way
City: Oregon House
State: Ca
Postcode: 95962
Country: USA


Brand: Samadhi
Age: unknown
Price: $10,000
Boxed: Crated
Extras: Digital Temperature Control, Floater Comfort Control, Filtration System Cover, Light, Ozonator, Speakers
Condition: Excellent Condition
Firstname: Donavin
Lastname: Stuck
Org: Nature's Inventory
Email: donavin@naturesinventory.com
Telephone: 425-775-2000
Fax: 360-802-8926
Street: 2551 Cole Street, Suite P
City: Enumclaw
State: WA
Postcode: 98022
Country: USA


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